Photowalk - Kings Cross to Great Portland St

Must be an end to the machine, must be a way to get off the treadmill of humdrum: staring at walls, at windows, not looking through, just staring, at.

Wondering what the day has in store, no plan, looking at, staring at. Presuming all are happy, busy - happy in their, busy.

Looking, always eyes, looking out, looking back.

Forgotten Spaces

Taking an hour here and an hour there and working close to home. When you work close to where you live, you know the streets and the area so you will watermark your DNA into the images.

All these images were taken on Portra 400 [it has a beautiful tone that I love] and are straight out of the camera, no editing on any of these images.


The people of Covent Garden and Camden just love having their picture taken - I guess they get it all the time and thankfully they seem to embrace it, even thrive on it ...

Ben, in the last picture, is one of the reasons I go out on the streets with the camera. I took Ben's photo, and I would have had a chat with him but he was asleep: I'm not about to wake a guy who may not have been asleep long, but I popped across the road and bought him a coffee and a sandwich. Ben's sign says he been homeless, on and off, for 14 years, he's NOT addicted to drugs nor drink, but fallen on hard times. I believe any of us are only a few bad decisions away from sleeping without a roof over our heads, like Ben.

Cornwall on film, 35mm

Finally got round to sending a film of 35mm Kodak Portra 400 to the developers in the week and received it back in the post this morning. These images are straight out of the camera, no cropping, editing or filters. Film, and maybe this film in particular, gives unique tones, I love them !

Most of these images were taken in Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, the two seascapes were taken in St Ives, also Cornwall. They were taken using a Nikon F2 camera with 50mm f1.4 lens that I have held on to during my recent round of trading in and selling cameras.

The clearout of kit has allowed me to invest the money into a couple of Leica M digital rangefinder cameras and lenses which are more suited to my photography needs than the pro Nikon setup I hadn't used in anger for some time.

RAF Cheddington

Bit of urban exploration, abandoned buildings have so much history, you can't help but wonder what was going on here before the pigeons took over ...

Brick Lane [again] ...

I don't know of any better place to shoot the streets than Brick Lane in London. People are up for a laugh and almost expect a camera to be pointed at them. It exudes colour, smells and fun ...

Holiday snaps ? Nah, not me ...

I think it's because I always strive to improve and get a good shot, but I can't just hold a camera to my eye, or even worse, hold it at arms length and take a snap as you see a lot of people do. From years of taking photographs, as soon as the camera goes up to the eye I start to compose, thoughts that go through my head "get closer", "cut that lamp post out if you can't get it all in", "move back, see more of the environment", "is the horizon straight ?". I try to do as much composition and get the correct exposure, in camera rather than hoping to rectify it in Photoshop. Of course, I do use Photoshop but the more I do on the spot, the happier I am when I am editing.

These shots were taken in Cornwall last week, I love Cornwall and wish we could spend more time there. Hope you enjoy them.


Sternschanze : Schulterblatt

Warm and friendly, beneath the facade of chaos and anarchy, order and commitment.

Boots lined up in tidy order [almost militarily], bin day notification hanging on a graffitied basement doorway and portaloos provided for the homeless, some might call him an anarchist, his name was Frank, he was friendly.


Out on the streets

Had a cool couple of days walking the streets around Brick Lane,  East London area yesterday and Oxford St & Carnaby St today ...